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July 2010 - Posts

Five Things You Never Knew About the Royal St. John's Regatta
If you've ever been to St. John's, even if just for a quick visit, you have undoubtedly heard of the Regatta. With 50,000 people showing up there sometimes, it's been called the world's largest garden party. But no matter how many times Read More...
The Royal St. John's Regatta: your three-minute introduction!
St. John's is known as a fun-loving city, with more than its fair share of festivals and special events. We covered some of these in our last post, on " Five GREAT reasons to live in St. John's! " But even with such a wide range of things Read More...
Five GREAT reasons to live in St. John's!
St. John's is known as a great city, with lots to offer whether you live here or are just visiting. But what exactly is it that makes this place so irresistible? We figured it was time to lay out some of the things we keep hearing people talk about Read More...